The term leadership is broadly used and has many definitions.  At The Foley Group, we make it simple.  The Art of Leadership is composed of both style and substance.  There are a broad range of leadership styles, most of which can site successes.  There are only a few, but very critical attributes that need to be a part of Leadership Style.

Leadership Substance, however, has less flexibility.  The principles of substance in leadership are absolute and must be present to successfully create and then sustain a high performance culture that results in planned growth and significant financial performance.

Developing a Strategic Vision for the organization and then establishing Core Values and a high bar for performance and a consistent decision making process are key responsibilities of the self-performed, non-delegable senior leadership role.

The art of breaking down the Strategic Vision into smaller entrepreneurial business units and individual roles and accountabilities, will generate a common passion for success within the organization.

A unique product or service solution can provide a spike of financial success, even absent of good leadership.  Sustained success, emanating from a high-performing company culture, requires strong and consistent leadership. Simply put, sustained performance at the highest potential level cannot be achieved without strong leadership and an effective succession planning process.

Leadership Substance and how it interlocks with Leadership Style and then how it must be self performed by the senior leader, is the starting position for the launch of a high performing business.