Plan Options
for Implementation

Options for Your Consideration

Each corporation or privately held company I visit is in a different place as it relates to their organization’s development and ongoing objectives for improvement and advancement.

For that reason, and with great respect for the time that senior leaders have to productively invest, the scenario that would drive your consideration and decision making would show the following sequence.

A personal visit with the leader or leaders, at the discretion of the senior leader, to discuss the transforming process of Organization Effectiveness.

An assessment of the current culture, the organization’s structure and the key functional processes and communications flow. This is accomplished by having a short discussion with multiple leaders and managers.

A report back to the senior leader (or leadership team) on the recommendations to be considered for the cost-efficient implementation of the Organizational Effectiveness process, with an accompanying proposal and timetable.

Determination by the senior leadership as to if, how and when you would like to proceed.