The Foley
Group History

Jim Foley is the Founder of the Foley Group and a long-time developer of business and leadership content for the Executive Business Library contained in YourBoard, LLC. Following a 43-year business career, mostly served as a Senior Corporate Executive, Jim retired in 2013 and committed himself to supporting company Owners and Senior Executives in making their businesses and their people highly successful.

“I commit personally, to each of my clients, that if we follow the process, together we will meet your growth and financial expectations. The creation of an engaged “High Performance Company Culture” that generates new business growth and total customer satisfaction is not just a pipe dream but, instead, a rock-solid reality that can be economically achieved if there is a commitment from senior leadership.”

“I discovered very early in my career that if you can design an organization structure and flow that maintain a positive company culture with strong leadership vision, that the natural outcome is to drive significant new growth and financial strength, develop great solutions to many challenges, gain and retain customers and promote associate engagement, that it can be your “competitive differentiation” in the marketplace.”

“I have integrated multiple concepts to forge a highly engaged and highly productive company culture that promotes entrepreneurial creativity and a team attitude that bonds people and drives them toward the accomplishment of the nearly impossible.”

“I am the only person who engages with our client’s Senior Leadership and then delivers each segment of the process to the various teams.”

The proven philosophy behind “Organizational Effectiveness” is that after you achieve an effective leadership and organization structure and a smooth flow of activities, expectations and communications that a High Performance Culture emerges that continues to drive the performance bar up resulting in significant growth and positive financial outcomes.