The means to advance a High Performance Company Culture
that Drives Growth and Strong Financial Performance

Program Content Includes:

The need to exercise Self-performed Leadership

The culture and all changes and improvements to it must be initiated and highly promoted by senior leadership. When discussing company culture, leadership has total responsibility and that responsibility cannot be delegated or changes become the flavor of the month.

Organization Structure Effectiveness

The assignment of roles, accountabilities and flow of processes with open and interactive communications is where an engaged high performing culture begins and builds upon itself.

Sales and Marketing Organizational Effectiveness

Understanding and building a culture of growth that will naturally, consistently and significantly drive new levels of both market penetration and market expansion. 

Pro-active Customer Care Service and Support Effectiveness

Understanding how 100% Customer Satisfaction can be a major market differentiator that drives current customer growth, new references and referrals and, very importantly, increases selling capacity and revenue growth by vastly reducing non-selling activities for the sales team.

Operational and Logistical Effectiveness

Creating a team philosophy and Entrepreneurial Business Units around efficiently building high-quality products and services that produce exceptional outcomes that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Communications Effectiveness

Develop Leadership Loops to encourage each functional team to perform as Entrepreneurial Business Units (EBU) that thrive on creativity, solution creation, interactive engagement and ongoing successes. Each person and team should be assigned and feel responsible for some piece, no matter how small, of the Strategic Plan. Meeting the clearly stated expectations designed for each role will bring recognition to the associate that then drives personal achievement and pride.

Management Operating System Effectiveness

Implement the ongoing Management Control System that allows for leadership and management to easily monitor the jointly agreed upon commitments, objectives and new initiatives that each associate and functional team has accepted accountability for achieving.

The result is that your company will thrive within a High Performance Culture where mediocrity simply can’t exist. The status quo goes away forever.

Positive Culture = High Engagement = Strong Performance = Financial Results

Sales Organization Effectiveness 

An entirely new and unique approach to creating a positive and holistic company-wide culture that drives significant sales growth, generates high customer retention and guarantees associate engagement that pushes the performance bar higher and becomes your competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

10 Segment Education Program for Senior Leadership, Sales Management and Territory Managers.

  • Introduction to the 10-10-10 Philosophy and Sales Process
  • What you must bring to a successful Territory Business Unit
  • Analyzing your personal Selling Capacity
  • The 10-10-10 Customer Identification, Prioritization and Classification Process
  • Territory Travel and Sales Visit Planning
  • The concept of Direct Driven Distribution (where independent distribution exists)
  • Compelling and “Highly Differentiated” presentation messaging
  • The 10-10-10 Red Zone Process
  • Getting the entire process up and running
  • Integrating the 10-10-10 reporting needs with your CRM

Note: These segments are configured and customized based on each client’s Organization Structure and Channel to Market.

The ultimate objective is to follow the 10-10-10 Philosophy and Sales Process that allows each Territory Manager to:

  • Significantly increase their Personal Selling Capacity
  • Reduce and organize around non-selling activities
  • Implement the Personal Stay-in-Touch strategy
  • Follow the Territory Travel and Sales Visit planning process
  • Identify Strategic Customers and prioritize your focus
  • Execute the Red Zone Process to significantly increase hit rate on all proposals

The result: A significant growth in revenue in each sales territory

Pro-active Customer Care, Service and Support Effectiveness

Creating Pro-active Customer Care, Inside Sales, Service and Support that generates 100% customer satisfaction and then enjoying the incredible impact this has on the financial performance and growth of your company.

Generating Customer Satisfaction at the highest competitive level is not just a good idea or a nice thing to do, but in reality, it is the most significant differentiator you may have in your marketplace.

Superior customer service has an incredible impact on your Growth and Financial Performance

You experience as much as a 40% increase in your organization’s selling capacity by vastly reducing non-selling activities from each Territory Manager’s schedule.
  • A Pro-active Customer Care System makes the transition of new customers from outside sales to ongoing inside sales, service and support very easy.
  • Customers would much rather communicate with a competent, in-the-know Customer Care Associate who can answer their questions and solve their problems or move them to someone who can, with a sense of urgency rather than try to find their outside sales person.
Superior customer satisfaction can significantly raise your customer Retention Rate.
  • The sales organization does not have to replace business but instead can focus on building new additional business on the current satisfied customer base.
  • When superior customer satisfaction is generated and nurtured with a proactive rather than a reactive approach, most customer issues are identified and solved before the Territory Manager is contacted and must invest their valuable selling capacity toward non-selling activities.
Superior customer satisfaction generally turns into referrals and positive references.
  • Good references and referrals usually turn into “free” new leads with an accompanying endorsement.

A superior customer experience supports the 10-10-10 Customer Satisfaction Strategy which is critical to both the Active Maintenance and Active Target classifications of customers within the 10-10-10 System.

A superior customer experience allows your company to form strong direct relationships that are very positive, with customers who are more controlled by your independent distributors, agents, dealers, brokers or independent reps, raising your value in the eyes of the end user and making business renewals along with new business opportunities much easier to achieve.

The Foley Group will support your Team in setting up an entire Customer Care Strategy and Process