“If it’s not worth sustaining, it’s not worth creating”

The first absolute of business success is – almost everything worthwhile that is successfully accomplished was driven by a self-performing leader. It starts with a vision, moves on to a plan and strategy and then is effectively executed. Executing the Organizational Effectiveness System is not a flavor-of-the-month program, but instead a permanent part of your culture. Engaged and Self-Performed Leadership is where success begins.

It is, for this reason, I request that quality time be invested up front with the Leadership Team of the company.

These Leadership discussions include:

Change Management – what are the specific assignments, disciplines and steps needed to establish and maintain an evolution of change toward a High Performing Company Culture (i.e. is leadership committed?)

A willingness to consider organizational changes to activity flow and communications.

The Management Operating System for Sales Organization Effectiveness

  • Territory Management
  • Personal selling capacity analysis
  • Effective selling capacity utilization
  • The 10-10-10 Customer Identification and Prioritization Process
  • Direct Driven Distribution
  • Increasing the hit rate on new proposals – The Red Zone

Pro-active & Positive Customer Care – the achievement of 100% Customer Satisfaction and how that positively impacts customer growth, retention, referrals, references and effective sales capacity utilization.