Building a bridge between your highest margin product/service groups and the targeted markets (buying influences) that place value on those solutions is code for:  an effective and efficient selling process.

There have been more books written and seminars given on selling than on leadership.  There are millions, if not billions, spent on trying to find the magic sales bullet that will allow a company to profitably expand.

Again, people have taken something rather simple and made it very illusive.

The selling process is one step, actually the last step, in driving volume growth.  If pricing, positioning, messaging and marketing communications is properly structured and applied to the target markets that place the most value on your differentiated solution, then the presentation and new business development process generally has a high hit rate.

When those in the company who are responsible for identifying the product and market sets where product/service differentiation and known market needs intersect to provide a solution that reduces the pain for a homogenous group of buying influences, you will achieve the environment for successful selling.  \

The approach we will discuss is how to prioritize selling time.  The process is called the 10-10-10 and it has a twenty five year successful track record for driving cost effective growth.  We will discuss an organized selling process that provides flexibility for relationship building but also accountability for results.  This process also makes everyone in the organization, in some manner and function, responsible for the overall creation of new business and the maintenance of existing business. Sales growth is everyone’s job.

Strategically we will try to answer the question, “How do we move your company’s solution up your customer’s food chain for decision making”? We will try to make the customer’s decision about the purchase of your solution more strategic then tactical. Tactical purchasing decisions are always based on price while strategic decisions include other considerations. How do we raise the value of the purchasing decision made by your targeted customers?

The Red Zone process provides a Watch Tower for our hit rate projections and for identifying changing dynamics within a very competitive market place.  We analyze wins and determine why and how we can extrapolate and systemize our successes.  We analyze losses to gain market intelligence and determine what adjustment, if any, we need to make to our differentiation or selling approaches. We proactively connect ourselves to the selling process in order to capture as much information as possible to increase our future probabilities for success.

At the end of the day, all things considered, people like to do business with people they like and people who represent companies who care about their specific and unique needs.  The Pro-Active Customer Service process reinforces, on a daily basis to our customers, that every person in your organization takes true pride in delivering a great solution that exceeds our customer’s expectation.

Picking the right people that naturally build relationships and project the quality of the organization and product/service solutions of the company is obviously KEY to expanding your markets and reaching your financial goals.